Lion Adoration’s – First Edition

One of my first goals in starting this blog is to be consistent. So welcome to the first edition of Lion Adoration’s (romantic name thought of by the bf while he chops off orc heads, sidenote: in a videogame duh). Hopefully this is something that will come out on a weekly basis. While its not totally original, it will give you the opportunity to look into my style and taste.

This past week has been tough. As the week before the holidays really kick off, our office was in a flurry.¬†Once the holidays begin we get quiet and its hard to get any real work done. To top off the busy week my apartment half flooded Thursday, so I have been running around trying to get everything fixed. That’s why I only have one Adoration this week, I have been needing something to make my feel happy and relaxed.

Luckily last weekend I decided to buy some Mexican Hot Chocolate. Since then I have been living off of this. It brings back memories of being a little girl and having my parents whip some up on chilly nights (chilly not cold because growing up in San Diego means cold doesn’t exist).


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