Lion Adoration’s – Second Edition

So this week has been hectic, I am sure everyone else was feeling the same during the beginning of the holiday season. I wasn’t going to venture down to Southern California this year for Thanksgiving but a friend convinced me to jump in the car with her and go. After around 14 hours of traffic and driving over two days which should have only taken 8 hours of driving I made it home. This very short trip home was all about making less more. I brought one pair of jeans, which I wore just about every day. I felt like the thing that managed to bring the outfit together everyday was my new(ish) Marc Jacobs Baker watch. I bought it a couple of weeks in Portland. I also own this in a grey/taupe color so I knew if I got this style I would wear it all the time.

I am thinking next week this will be filled with my favorite Black Friday picks.

Have a great week!


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