Lion Adorations – Third Edition

I am forcing myself to write this post and keep up with my promise of writing once a week. This week went by much too fast, mostly due to the fact that it was the company holiday party. In which much too much drinking happens. I was in a panic to find an outfit so this week evolves around outfit saves. This weeks adorations….

Image 6 of FAUX LEATHER SKIRT from Zara

Our holiday event is always very formal, but I couldn’t find the right dress. So I went for a faux leather skirt, going for this one from Zara that I found the night before the party. I paired this with a slip top and bright suede strap sandals. I am now in love with the buttery texture and affordable price.

Image 1 of ASOS Placement Floral And Stripe T-Shirt Dress

This became my hero dress when the skirt became too hot and the heels too painful. Before the crew slipped off to the bar, I changed into this dress and some sandals. I didn’t look dressed down compared to my colleagues but was much more comfortable.

I am looking forward to the new additions to my closest. Whew…. nap time.


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