Top Picks – H&M Spring/Summer 2015

Am I a grannie if I still get catalogs in the mail? Not sure how I started getting the H&M one but flipping through it inspired me to find my top picks to recommend to you. My true style really shines through in my selections as well as my monochromatic love.



Short Coat in Apricot

hmprod (1)

Outdoor Tights

hmprod (8)

Boucle Coat in Black Melange

hmprod (2)

Wrap-Front Skirt

hmprod (3)


hmprod (4)

Imitation Leather Pants

hmprod (5)

Weekend Bag with Wheels

Clutch Bag in Powder Beige

Suede Boots

Wool Hat

Rhinestone Earrings

hmprod (6)

H&M+ Bike Jacket

hmprod (7)

Crepe Jacket in Natural White

hmprod (9)

Woven Top

hmprod (10)

Cable-knit Sweater in Cerise

hmprod (11)

Imitation Leather Skirt

hmprod (12)


xxx Ximena.


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