Mid-Week Break – Darwin Cafe

Nestled in a random alley in the Soma, Darwin Cafe is the perfect lunch spot for the offices that now dominate the area.  Stopped by this spot with an old work buddy and a current work buddy. Its best to come by right before the lunch rush or after, the worst thing you can do is come right at 12 and experience the line.

I wasn’t able to get a shot from the inside but it is well lit and has a small but cozy interior.  We managed to get a seat outside in the rare SF sunshine.

I ordered a cold sandwich of turkey, avocado, baby spinach, sweet onion, walnut butter, aioli, and manchego. For such a simple order I was blown away with the flavor. I had been here once before and ordered the famously popular Kale Salad which is also a slam dunk. After having two great meals here I am hankering to go back ASAP.

I picked up these little treasures right by the till, I can’t resist a cookie. I ate them a couple hours later while at my desk with some tea. These are worth the hunt, next time I see them I am going to buy 5 packs. These are the perfect afternoon pick me up and I loved that they were made on the day I bought them. Simply fantastic.



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