Boston Cannoli Taste Test

So the thing about going to Boston is that everyone has a favorite cannoli spot in Little Italy/North End area and they are all different.  I decided to do a taste test to see which cannoli was actually the best. This is a threeway versus post.

I would also like to note that I ordered all mini cannoli with a regular shell and classic ricotta filling.

I would also like to note that I failed the first time at Maria’s and ordered custard filling. DO NOT DO THIS. I am not a custard fan, it was awful and I made this face:

I had to go back later and order a ricotta one so it was a true taste test. I ate 4 mini cannolis so you won’t have to…

1. Modern Pastry 

Ricotta: Tangy and delicious

Shell: Crunchy but not flakey

Atmosphere: I loved the Italian ladies in the shop and they weren’t overly crowded. They also had other Italian pastries offered.

Would you go back: Absolutely

Ricotta: Very sweet and had a whipped cream after taste

Shell: Light and flakey

Atmosphere: Overcrowded. Felt very kitsch because of the 50 different cannoli flavors they offer. They don’t fill up the cannoli when you order it, almost everything is pre-filled.

Would you go back: Never again

Maria’s Pastry Shop

Ricotta: Thick and tangy

Shell: Perfect

Atmosphere: Much more like a real Italian bakery with a teenage son working in the back. Lots of authentic cookies.

Would you go back: My favorite of the three, absolutely


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