48 Hours in Chicago

“Is it worth it? Lemme work it…”


Ok yea, Chicago was worth it. I wasn’t planning on going at first, but I was over on that side of the country and wanted to visit my cousin who has been living there for the past couple of years. Let’s just say Chicago>Boston.

I was only there for around 48 hours and arrived during the magic hour…

Taken from Museum Campus

Day Two: The next morning at Doughnut Vault. I opted for the classic glaze, so good and worth the hype.

Check out the great prices, very satisfied about that as well.

I heard about the Architectural Boat Tours from just about everyone, I sure am happy I listened and went on one. I went on this one.

Gorgeous skyline views

The building with no 90 degree angles


The Bean…meh. It’s bigger than I expected but what’s the point of taking a selfie in a dirty mirror. Cool art but a huge letdown. Seriously why is this a thing such a huge tourist attraction?

Spent 5 minutes at the Bean and an hour at the Chicago Cultural Center. I stumbled upon this gem when I thought I was “sneaking in” to their bathroom. Turns out it is a public space. Also, shout out to the random lady that saw me taking a snap of the foyer and forced me to climb to the upper floors. She was a volunteer tour guide and give me a quick run down on the space.

I spent the rest of the time ooo-ing and ahhing over all the tile work. I felt transported to Europe.

Tile Detail

The violinist was a nice touch too.

Coffee break at Intelligentsia Coffee

View from John Hancock Center. You can go to the top and stop in for a drink, beware they are super overpriced. Also do yourself a favor and go to the ladies bathroom while you are up there…

Final Moment at John Hancock Center

Day Three: Morning in Lincoln Park.

At the Lincoln Park Zoo, which to be honest, was very meh.

The Original Pancake House – Normally I would go somewhere sehr kewl but this was by the zoo and I was starving.

Dutch Baby



2 thoughts on “48 Hours in Chicago

  1. Haha I love Missy Elliott! And Chicago! I fell in love with that city a few years back and ever since I’ve been dying to go again. I’m highly considering moving to the gorgeous city, but I’ve only ever lived in the Southwest so I’m not sure I could handle the weather!! Looks like you had a great 48 hours

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