Things I Ate – Istanbul

A complete photographic summary of the food I ate in Istanbul. There may be some repeat photos from other postings but I will try not to do that too much. This also serves as a guide to anyone who isn’t sure what to eat when they travel to Turkey, also check out this post. Let me know if you want me to add all the prices, I was pretty diligent about writing everything down.


Lokma – I think I ate a version of this in Greece but man o’ man this might have been one of my favorite things on this trip.


Borek – meat filled or cheese filled, delicious either way.


Fresh Produce – As a self-proclaimed olive-hater I fell in love with these salty Turkish ones. At many local markets they are easy to carry around or save for a picnic.


Sweet treat from the famous Hafiz Mustafa. Be sure to pick up your Turkish Delight (lokum) from here as well, the best I had in Istanbul.


Turkish Beer, added more as a reminder to enjoy the varied craft beers we have in the states. This is a trend that has not gone global.




Shake Shack – I know I am a bad girl, always living life on the edge oooo yea


Mercimek Köftesi – The one pictured here is raw but still yummy.


I honestly don’t know what this is but it had spinach and cheese and was devoured quickly.


Balık Ekmek – a fish sandwich, bomb diggity


Turkish Coffee – I will stick to my prissy Soy Misto with 3 pumps vanilla.


Kumpir – It’s basically a giant baked potato with fillings. I kind of hated it, I attribute this to not liking it when different foods touch each other. By far this is something I would never eat again.


Let me tell you how cheap this city is for Americans. This was one of my more expensive meals, eaten right next to Galata tower. Total: $10. So now I feel obligated to post about it.


Get fresh-squeezed juices, do it. Get the pomegranate, do it.


Dürüm – DONT BE FOOLED, this is basically doner in a different wrap. But some may ask an Ameican what’s the difference between a sandwich and a burger…they are just different OK.


Doner – From Tunel Doner.


çay – I don’t even know how many teas I drank but I truly miss them.



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