San Diego – What I Ate

Food is my favorite thing about travel and since San Diego is my home, come venture with me at some new places and old favorites.


Dirty Birds – My favorites Dirty Ranch and Dirty Jerk


Plus a beer


Aqui es Texcoco – My dad convinced me to come here, I stayed since Andrew Zimmern has been there and I love him.


I ordered the Plato de Barbacoa. The best part of any Mexican meal is the consome, it’s hard to decide if meat broths or fish broths are better. I am not totally sure I would come back here but it was a fun experience.


Pho Ga at Pho Hoa, not as good as my normal San Diego favorite but still amazing. Pho in San Diego does not mess around.


A true San Diego classic in the soon to be gentrified Barrio Logan district, Los Cuatro Milpas. I have been coming here since I was a little kid, we still get our masa for tamales from here, I also take dozens of tortillas from here back up to the bay and freeze them. I love that the same ladies work here and not much has changed…the amazing food doesn’t hurt either. Any bad review on this place is a review not worth reading, seriously.


Breakfast of Champions for me.


Breakfast of Champions for him.


Beans, rice, huevos.



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