Crack Shack – San Diego Eats


Crack Shack is all the rage in San Diego right now. Created by the same people at Juniper and Ivy, this spot is right next door. With a different price point and a whole different vibe, Crack Shack sure did live up to the hype. There were some ups and some downs but enough ups to make me want to go back.


Baja Chop Salad


California Dip – My boyfriend ordered this and man o’ man I think it was the best choice. It wasn’t appealing on paper or in person but the taste made up for all of that.


Mini Biscuits – Sometimes I get caught up in words and names, this one for sure tricked me. The miso butter was too savory, it had me wishing for normal butter and honey. Skip this.


Firebird with Fries – A very classic chicken sammie right here. It was super yum. The fries were not memorable, nuff’ said.


Soft Serve with fixings – The fun thing about ordering soft serve here is that they have a whole lot of toppings and you get to add in as many as you want, I was a big fan. Bacon and Brownie on ice cream, love it.



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