Why I love Everlane and You Should Too

This post was so easy and so hard. It is easy for me to explain all the reasons I love Everlane, easy peasy. The hard part was being on the other side of the camera (as the model), so please excuse my awkward poses. Below are the reasons I love Everlane and why you should too.

Wearing the Everlane Street Shoe in Nubuck

1. Style – Every piece feels like a classic item you didn’t know your wardrobe was missing. Everything is so effortlessly ~kewl~. The best thing for you to do is just go check them out yourself. Here are my top picks:

The Everlane Modern Loafer in Black

2. Transparency – Real Transparency at that. Everlane will tell you the cost of each item, breaking it down into materials, hardware, labor duties, and transport. They also tell you the true cost of the item and selling price. Recently the company was open with the community when the price of cashmere went down and they adjusted the price of their Cashmere Crew. If you have ever been curious to learn more about the factories where everything is made, they make the information easy to find.

3. Steady Growth – This might be me geeking out over a brand I love but as someone who has worked with hyper-growth startups, you have to appreciate how Everlane has grown as a company. I have been following Everlane since my intern days (early 2012) when they had maybe 2 T-Shirt styles in their women’s collection. Over the past 5 years, I have watched Everlane introduce silk, bags, shoes, capsule collections, bottoms, and so much more. The slow and steady growth has proven that they are careful about scaling and the consumer doesn’t feel as though the end game for the company is IPO or acquisition. They are ensuring that the brand and their product will grow with the customer base.

The Everlane Modern Loafer in Black

4. Community – Everlane has a strong following that includes both new members and long time fans (aka people who can spot their backpacks from a mile away). Their social media makes you feel apart of the community and keeps you updated on new products in development. The faces you see are consistent to the point where they have me asking “What happened to Ret?”. Edit: Ret is back in this weeks Transparency Tuesday! Second Edit: His name is actually Red (mind blown).

They also helped me discover other bloggers who love Everlane. Before they had reviews for some of their popular products, finding a blog review was the best way to find out more. My super googling skills lead me to some great new blogs who have reviewed Everlane like Unfancy and Grechen’s Closet.

Street Shoe in Nubuck

5. Service – Everlane always looks for ways to give back, I was so excited when the 100% Human Collection came out, for every product sold Everlane donated $5 to the ACLU. I missed the first release so when I read about the restock I was ready to buy. I ordered both a shirt and sweatshirt, later the service team reached out to let me know that they oversold the sweatshirt and I wouldn’t be receiving it. I was bummed but Everlane still did right by the consumer. They let me know that they still donate $5 to the ACLU.

The Modern Point in Black

6. Commitment to philanthropy – As you read above, Everlane currently has a campaign donating to the ACLU. It is also important to note that each year they have a Black Friday Fund, where the profits made from Black Friday are given back to the employees in their factories. In 2016 they provided all workers at the Ho Chi Minh City factory with moped helmets so they can get to and from work safely.

Hope this post gave you an idea why Everlane is a great brand you should consider supporting them. Let me know if you join #teamtransparency!

Also how cute is my cat –





One thought on “Why I love Everlane and You Should Too

  1. Hi Ximena!

    First, you’re name is so beautiful! Second, I will definitely check out this brand especially for reason #6. I’m big on companies donating to charities! It makes me feel better about shopping with them!

    Have a great day!

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