Street Art of Mexico City I

Mexico City is wonderfully colorful, maybe it helps people forget about the smog. It was so exciting to find street art all around the city and this city has so much more than any American city I have visited. And since this is art, each piece deserves a couple of moments of consideration. What is the artist saying about their city and their environment? How does this piece reflect the area it’s in? In this post I will be sharing some of the street art I saw around Mexico City, I will also do my best to pinpoint where I saw these. If you are interested in a formal tour during your visit, you can check out Street Art Chilango.


If you decide to go to Xochimilco (more on that later), you should be able to see this to your right when you exit the Xochimilco metro station.


At University City (UNAM) near the Faculty Offices of Civil Engineering buildings. The image below is from the same area. If you decide to visit these murals there are around 4 others to view so it’s worth the stop.



Seen near Alameda de Santa Maria La Ribera


Found in Tlalpan Centro, south south south Mexico City


Seen on Av. Insurgentes Sur, near Nápoles



These last three are from a huge alley long mural called Avacado Alley in Coyoacán (El Callejón del Aguacate, Coyoacán, Mexico City).





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