Dear Frida

As a child my mother had this book of postcards, I didn’t think much of it other than I was obsessed with the last one in the book. It was simple, a deer with the head of a women and it’s body pierced with many arrows. It was later I learned that it was The Wounded Deer by Frida Kahlo. I was 7 the first time I saw her work in person at a joint exhibition of her and Diego Riviera’s work. Kahlo experienced so much pain in her life, and I always loved the way she freely expressed herself through her art, clothing, and lifestyle. Her art makes me feel all the feels.

Since I had missed visiting the famous Casa Azul during my first trip to Mexico City, I had to return this time around. My advice is to book a ticket online for right when they open and bring your student ID if you have one. I have held onto mine for many years after college and it saved me a lot of money. General entrance is around $10 dollars (a HUGE cost compared to other museums in CDMX) and student entrance is $2 dollars.

Kahlo’s art is spread across many many museums all over the world and you won’t see any of her self portraits here. This is the museum to see how she lived, her belongings, and her studio. You will also see her letters, photographs, and less famous works. It is also very small. It will take you less than 2 hours to do the entire experience, and includes watching the video towards the end.

“Never in life I will forget your presence. You found me turned apart and you took me back full and complete.”

I loved the exhibit dedicated to her clothing and corsets. It showed her dedication to traditional Mexican outfits and how she disguised her disabilities. Also they were just beautiful.

It’s hard for me to admit that I don’t think this is a must see in Mexico City. After a week of visiting countless art museums, finding the secret murals of Rivera, and living in the city Kahlo loved so much – I was a bit underwhelmed. Or if I am being completely honest, I was annoyed at all the people I had to share Kahlo with. This is a small space so you are squeezed next to other people and shuffled along. Kahlo’s art makes you feel such a close connection to her that having other people around during your moment in her home feels invasive.

I only recommend it if I was visiting Mexico City for longer than 3 days or if you had a day planned around visiting Coyoacán (which is awesome).



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