Home for the Holidays – Bernardo Winery

I have now returned to The Bay but I haven’t finished posting about my adventures in San Diego. Everyday I was home I was continuously reminded how cool my parents are. They took me to so many places I had no idea existed in San Diego and totally schooled me on ska moves. On a lovely Sunday the family packed into the car and went on a mini wine tour. My favorite spot we went to was Bernardo Winery.

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Since my sister and I had never been to this spot before we got the tasting card which is $10 for 5 pours. Overall my favorite was the Champagne while my dad and sister greatly enjoyed the Chardonnay.

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The grounds are beautiful with a little village of shops to tour while you sip.

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Possibly my favorite space was The Barrel Room, absolutely fell in love with it.

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Also was ecstatic to test out my favorite Christmas gift. Film photography is a huge hobby of mine so doing some test shots with the new camera was so so fun.

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Happy New Year! – Ximena.


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