Home for the Holidays – Truckstop

Truth time guys… I am not a pancake person. As a youth I tended to avoid them because I would throw up shortly after consuming pancakes. I have no idea what it was seeing as I love waffles and have never had stomach issues after eating them. Anyway my mother is a pancake lover and her and my father go out for pancakes every Sunday. This particular Sunday we stayed local and went to Truckstop.

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We have some good spots in PB (my favorite being The Mission) and I would add this to the rotation. I wouldn’t call it the best spot in all of San Diego but I would go back just for The Pancakes.

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Like I mentioned I tend to stay away from them, but this blew me away. I would eat pancakes again for this one. They just tasted so buttery, and so heavy you need just one with some jam or syrup to satisfy.

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Come for the pancakes, stay for the funky pseudo texasy decor.

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Enjoy! – Ximena.


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