Berkeley Eats – Smoke Berkeley

Within the past couple of years I have developed a soft spot for barbecue and now I can’t get enough. Perdition was top of my list for a while considering it is the only spot I knew of in Berkeley. Enter: Smoke Berkeley. It is the new spot for me. Apparently it is pretty popular. Not super obvious considering it is next to a self service car wash (who knew those even existed anymore).

The portions are huge so watch out. I ordered the 4oz. Tea Smoked Salmon with one side (Jalapeno Mac & Cheese) and boyfriend went for the Texas Smoked Beef Briskest Sandwich with two sides (Sean’s Cheezy Rice and Mac & Cheese). According to my sources (boyfriend) the South Carolina Pulled Pork is a better sandwich, I will have to test this out next time we go. After the meal I was stuffed, liked undo my jeans…stuffed. The one draw back to this place is the corn bread…it might have been the blandest corn bread I have ever eaten. I seriously took one bite and had no desire to eat more. However this would not stop me for returning, the other items more than make up for the sub par cornbread.


Me trying to sneak a bite….


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