Treasure Island Flea Market

The view from Treasure Island always makes the city look so small…hard to believe I have been here for 6 years already.

Ok, lets veer away from reminiscing and get to the good stuff. I love a good street market and Treasure Island Flea does not disappoint. Occurring the last weekend of every month , it is a great combination of local artisans, people selling random piles of junk, and food trucks. It was easy for my friend and I to tour every stall and grab some late lunch within 3-4 hours. If you are from out of town and visiting on the right weekend I highly suggest dropping by. With a great view of the city and both bridges (GG and Bay) as well as a taste of some of the best Bay Area food trucks, you can’t go wrong. The one down side however is getting here. Driving is easy but I can’t vouch for parking. As a public transit person who lives in the East Bay I have to take Bart into the city and then go to the trans-bay terminal to catch a bus. It kinda sucks…not gonna lie about that one. However the view on the bus is an awesome teaser to the view you get from Treasure Island.

Side Note: The post includes food porn, you have been warned.

5 Kitchen Things You Should Always Pick Up at a Flea Market 

Like who doesn’t want a furry chair?

Bacon Bacon is one of my favorite trucks and considering I have tried almost everything I had to go with the Californian BBQ Bacon Burrito. I haven’t seen it on the menu before and it piqued my interest. It is common knowledge among my friends that I am a burrito snob but I made an exception in this case because this burrito isn’t trying to be authentic. I can go for the fusion burritos… just don’t try and get me to eat a real burrito up here. My Review: a-uhhhhhhhhhhh-mazing

Cheers to Pork Shoulder, bacon, french fries, and coleslaw goodness.


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