Treasure Island Flea Market Redux

I can’t help it but Treasure Island Flea has become one of my favorite thing to do at the end of each month.

This time around includes bbq, cheeky purchases, and artsy friend time.

Local Artists

Pulled Pork Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Smokin Warehouse Barbecue. To be honest the idea was genius but everything was very meh which resulted in a meh lunch. If the bbq sauce was better and the mac ‘n’ cheese was better this would have resulted in absolute foodgasm. Purely based on this dish I would not return to this food truck.

I have been eyeing(and sampling from) this booth for the past couple of months. I finally made a purchase from Hey Hey Gourmet. I am so excited to brew up some tea soon!

Photos taken from my iPhone and Canon EOS Rebel T3


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