La Note – The Berkeley Classic

La Note is a Berkeley essential. The long wait is an obvious sign it is at the very least popular, but unlike some other spots in the area this is actually worth it. I have been coming here for at least 5 years because of the atmosphere, amazing service, and ~duh~ the food. I am surprised I have not done a post on them sooner considering I live right around the corner and they provide a very photogenic meal. This time around I took my dad, who was not a newbie and remembered the spot from when I took him there 4 years ago (yes… it is that good).

For a quick summary, La Note is located in Downtown Berkeley on Shattuck Ave. They serve french fare for breakfast and lunch everyday of the week as well as dinner Thursday-Saturday (I also highly recommend trying dinner as well). The atmosphere is charming with an authentic french vibe, especially if you score one of the window seats.

After trying many, many different items on the menu I have discovered my favorite which is the Cote Sud (pictured below). My dad went for the Omelette de Pommes de Terre (not pictured but much enjoyed).  For starters I always get the Le Panier du Boulanger, a giant basket of french pastries, it is quite large for only 2 people but perfect to take home later with tea.

One last note…since I am around the corner I always arrive around 8:00 which is right when they open. If you don’t get there that early then be prepared to wait around 45 minutes. Whatever you do don’t try to go down the street to Venus, its not worth it.


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