Trying out the 5,4,3,2,1 Packing Guide

I have been loving the A Pair & A Spare blog lately, combined with my love for packing tricks I was fascinated with her How to Pack post. I will be away for a week spending some time in Boston and Chicago. Since I am planning on just bringing just a carry on bag and will need to include a wedding outfit I thought it might be smart to try a new packing method.

Going into this I am worried about being able to narrow things down. I will also not be including what I will be wearing on the plane, this is purely what will be going into my suitcase.

5 Tops, in order from top to bottom: Elephant Print Button Down from F21, Burnt Yellow Blouse from H&M, Acid Wash T-Shirt from F21, Silk Shirt from the thrift store, Linen Tank from F21

4 Bottoms, from left to right: High Riser Skinny jeans from Gap, Cargo Skirt from H&M, Printed Shorts from F21, Shorts from Gap

3 Dresses, from left to right: Midi Royal Blue dress from Madewell, Black Chevron dress from Target, Yellow Printed dress from the thrift store

3 Shoes: Elephant and White Mules from Rebecca Minkoff, Tan Sandals from Madewell, Snake Print Sandals from H&M

2 Bags: Black Pebbled Backpack from F21, Mini 5 Zip Crossbody bag from Rebecca Minkoff

1 Watch, 1 Pair of Sunglasses: White Open Dial Watch from New Look, Black Sunglasses from Unknown, Rings from M x M Jewerly, Necklaces from F21

Unlimited, not pictured since they are intimates: underwear and bras, also socks but I don’t need any so I didn’t pack them.

Final Thoughts: There are also the additional options to pack two pairs of swimsuits and one hat but since I won’t be needing those I did not include them.

I haven’t left for my trip yet but I am all packed up. I can say that I am totally confident with my choices and thought that this guide really helped. Everything fit in my carry on luggage. I am not even worried about running out of options while traveling.



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