Boston Shopping – Primark

I try not to shop when I am visiting places in the US unless it’s local but this was a special occasion. Since I don’t interact with you, the reader, on a daily basis then you would not know that every time someone mentions they are going to Europe my first reaction is “Go to Primark”. So when I saw a woman walking around Boston with a brown paper Primark bag I just stared and gasped.

The next day I found the first American location, wandering around the store with glossy eyes, I couldn’t have been happier. I was also so excited because I hadn’t been having a great time in Boston and this totally changed how I had been feeling. According to the very nice staff, they decided on opening their first US location in Boston due to the large Irish population. I had been lucky enough be visiting the week that they opened the store so it was insanely packed…all four stories.

It is a mecca of cheap, fast fashion. They keep prices low by not doing advertising and rely on word of mouth. The first time I went in I bought way too much so the second time around I was much more wise.

This time around I walked away with 3 shirts, 2 knit cardigans, and one coat…plus a bunch of random stuff I don’t really need.

I also bought the most ridiculous poof keyring thing but it was an “I must have this” Primark moment.

Happy Shopping!



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