San Diego – Donut Bar

I feel really good that I crossed another donut place off my list. This time around it is Donut Bar in downtown San Diego. At this point I am calling myself a sort of donut aficionado. This place serves up a more classic donut and is best suited for the insta loving donut eater. What I mean by that is that the donuts are good but the decorations and donut sizes were more exciting. I would come here again but it ranks below Blue Star (Portland) and Doughnut Vault (Chicago).

It’s good to note that my dad and I arrived around 6:45 (15 minutes before opening) and there was still a small line out the door. We had our pick of donuts and were able to people watch from the upstairs seating area. Also the coffee was amazing, but not surprising considering it was Stumpton.

Glorious Display

Our complete order.

Butterbeer (a la Harry Potter)

Maple Bacon (my favorite)

Apple Fritter

Creme Brulee



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