San Diego – Taco Trucks & Extraordinary Desserts

My boyfriend and I don’t go on actual planned out dates very often but I wanted to spend one morning in San Diego just the two of us. This date combined the both of best worlds, classic tacos and a staple dessert spot. First we headed to my favorite taco truck in Linda Vista called Mariscos German, I have to go every time I come home. After we went upscale to the classic Extraordinary Desserts, the original location.

Battered Fish Tacos and Shrimp Tacos

Plancha Fish Taco

Pescado Ceviche

Extraordinary Desserts

Rootbeer Float for my manfriend.

Froissants – Deep Fried Croissant. This was light and delicious, I wish I had ordered this since it was my favorite but I had to steal bites from my man instead.

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake – This was so decadent I could only eat 1/5 of the cake. Took two more days and help from my family to finally finish it off.



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