San Diego – Bayside Landing

Like I have mentioned before I am from San Diego, Pacific Beach to be exact. I left at a time when I felt that PB was caving in on me and everything felt too small. I am trying to open back up to my hometown. I grew up at a time when the college kids moved in and out of PB like the tide, but recently it looks as if people are staying and those kids are now hitting their late 20’s and early 30’s. As a result PB is growing up, and I am loving it. Although I am sad to see old classic PB spots go, I am excited for the recent upgrade to the southern Ingraham corridor. One upgrade is Bayside Landing which offers pretty decent food and a good selection of California craft beers.

Side Note: I really liked this place however it smelled of restaurant group to me. Didn’t have a totally authentic vibe.

Second side note: The happy hour prices are legit and the brussel sprouts are awesome.



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