Review – 12hrs in San Francisco

Let me start by saying whoever created this guide, did not do the walk themselves. Click here to get an understanding for what I am talking about.

I feel very qualified to have reviewed this walk. Having lived in San Francisco for 4 years and the Bay Area going on 7 years, also as an avid stay at home adventurer. But this walk was bullshit.

My main issue was the fact that the writer has you arriving at places when they are not yet open (shopping on Union St. at 9am) or are closing when you arrive (Sparrow stops seating people at 2:30).

Go on this tour if you literally have one day in SF, will never come back, and have no desire to sit and enjoy any part of the day.

Honestly, I have tried writing this post many times but I just get frustrated with it. Instead, enjoy the visual journey…

9:43 am Alta Plaza Park

10:15am Smoked Salmon Pizza at Rose’s Cafe

11:26 Stroll down Chestnut St.

11:32am Palace of Fine Arts

12:05pm Dynamo Donut

1:12pm Chrissy Field & Golden Gate Bridge

1:26 A view of Chrissy Field taken from the Presidio

2:20pm Chef’s Burger and Quinoa Cake from Sparrow Bar and Kitchen

3:01pm Haight-Ashbury

3:09pm Magnolia Pub & Brewery

5:12 pm Castro

6:29pm Valencia St./Mission District

7:00 pm Gracias Madre



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