Dynamo Donut (SF) vs Doughnut Vault (Chicago)

I am slowly but surely going through this list of the best doughnuts in America. To see my last post on this subject, click here.

Let’s start with the disappointment…

Dynamo Donut – oh man this was awful. I don’t understand how this even made the list of best doughnuts. I ordered the Maple Apple Bacon Donut, maybe it was because it was noon and all the good ones were taken but this sucked. I wasn’t even mad when it blew to the ground from the heavy wind and I was only half done with it, I said to my mom “Good, now I don’t have to finish it”.

My mom went for the Spiced Chocolate Cake Donut, again it wasn’t worth finishing in one sitting. Also, consider this: two donuts and two coffees for $15 bucks.

Honestly just don’t bother with this spot…is that too harsh?

On the other side of the spectrum is Doughnut Vault, absolutely worth the hype. It is also close to any sight seeing you are going to do in Chicago. I ordered a classic glazed doughnut.

I arrived at around 9 am to almost no line and a friendly cashier, he even slipped away when I asked to take a photo. This place is like a literal vault and very very small, I have no idea where they actually make the doughnuts.

Take a look at how large this doughnut is, I was astonished and immediately in love. If you look closely you can see the little specks of vanilla in the glaze [insert heart eyes emoji here].

Seriously, look at how fluffy that is. The final price for my huge doughnut and coffee was $4. It was the clear winner in this round.



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