Ojai, CA – What I Ate


The Ranch House – Considering all the decent food I had in Ojai I was sorely disappointed in my dish. They no longer have what I ordered on their seasonal menu (good). The sauce that was paired with this was way too sweet and impossible to avoid on the plate. I wouldn’t go back to give it a second chance.


Highly recommend the weekend farmers market, it was a lot of fun. Try to find the baker selling these things, not sure what to call them but it was great.


My mom and sister are vegetarians so I was dragged to Hip Vegan Cafe. I really hope that the name is intended to make fun of itself…


My mom ordered the Echo Bowl, hands down the best dish out of the ones everyone ordered. It was so good that we kept trying to steal bites. I would go back based on this dish but not the others.


My sister and I both got wraps that looked pretty much the same. It was really boring to eat and to look at.


This was the biggest disappointment, don’t give me an iced coffee with curdled vegan milk crap. Most coffee places will do me the courtesy of letting me know if their coffee is too bitter for a certain type of milk.


The cafe was pretty…hip.


Papa Lennon’s was super legit, the long line was well worth it and maybe my favorite meal of the trip. It was hearty and had a lot of flavor without trying to be fancy.



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