A Week in the Life V


Possibly my new favorite wfh spot – Asha. I can never leave without one of these Matcha Madeleine Cakes, they are light and not too sweet.


Algorithm Coffee Co




Peasant PiePeasant Pie, right next to San Tung and so amazing.


Calavera in downtown Oakland.


I was really excited to go here and wasn’t disappointed. Although it was really good, it was too expensive for the price. Two taco plates, and an appetizer for $60, no thanks – only if someone else is paying. My friend had a chip in her glass so we didn’t have to pay for our drinks.


Friday morning stop before work at Donut Savant, I tried writing a post on them in the past but the photos all turned out crap. The main gimmick here is the size of the donuts, tiny and range from $.75-$1.50. It’s a cute spot, with good interiors and a mean soy latte.



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