High/Low Breakfasts in Los Angeles


I have been going to LA somewhat frequently lately, I love visiting my sister and I am slowly falling in love with the city (still hate the traffic). I had a few short mornings which meant time for fooood. I went to two very popular LA spots, one low brow and the other high.


I have to admit to myself that I am a total donut person and have become a donut snob. If I don’t like one I won’t take more than one bite (looking at you Sidecar). For the low end I went to the famous Randy’s Donuts. I had such a funny/good experience here, I went right before getting my sister from LAX. I had parked and had lined up but I was slowly running out of time when my sister had said she landed. I ended up getting into the drive through line and made it through that line much much faster. The lady at the window snuck me a free donut when I mentioned I only had five dollars (enough for two donuts and a coffee).


I really enjoyed the donuts but the apple fritter was roll-eyes-back, sweet babel cheezus amazing. I am so obsessed with this apple fritter that the only one that could maybe compete is Uncle Benny’s in the Sunset (SF).


The Rose Cafe


The Rose Cafe is the high, a mid-range bougie (my favorite word for everything LA) breakfast spot. I will say the coffee and pastry was good. I don’t totally think the other food is worth the price, spend some more cash and go to Gjelina.


Breakfast Sandwich


Avocado Toast



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