LA Roundup


This is where all the bit and bobs are going to go from this trip along side a master list of the other LA blog posts. Also I ran into a waiter trying to take this picture from within The Standard Hotel so you are welcome.

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I think I might have written about Mas Malo before. I was not impressed the first time around but by this time I was really happy about my meal. I ordered the chicken pozole and the echo park corn – I would order them both again absolutely IF I went back.



Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts – This apple fritter made my top 5 list for sure. It was hot and incredible, if you are in that area stop by and treat yo self.


Sweet treats from the LA Farmers Market.


HAVE YOU BEEN TO ROSCOE’S??? Dear sweet babel cheeses this meal was incredible, how have I never been here before. No chicken and waffles will ever be the same.



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