Corte Madera Staycation


I did some dog sitting for a coworker which meant going to new place in the Bay Area. Since traffic was too horrendous to try to drive to Stinson Beach we stayed local in Corte Mader and Larkspur. It was the perfect lazy weekend of eating, shopping, and binge watching Game of Thrones. As a person who loves food (does that make me a foodie?) I had to go to Off the Grid Larkspur. The whole shopping area it is located next to is amazing, stop into Marin Brewing Company after.


The sandwich above is from Pelican Po Boys. It was pretty good but no Fried Chicken Sandwich will be as good as one from Bakesale Betty.


BBQ Pork Mac N Cheese from Kenny’s Heart & Soul. This was maybe the biggest disappointment, everything was meh and was way overpriced for the portion.


Garlic Noodles with Pork at Little Green Cyclo. I wish I had ordered this without pork, the meat was kinda icky and I ended up eating around it. (edit: recently had chubby noodle in North Beach, dear sweet babel cheezus. Go there for amazing noodles.)


Donut Alley really saved the weekend for me. This may have been the best Maple Bacon donut I have had, it could have been that they made it moments before we ordered. The people running the store were so sweet and they were making fresh donuts at 11am. I am in love with this place, just a good classic donut.


Johnny Doughnuts – Two old fashioned, Wheat-free fritter thang (that is the actual name), Zebra, and Sugar Daddy. Without ranting my review is that these sucked and were way to expensive. I was really disappointed since they have been on my list for a while.



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