Flowers and Food in the LA Fashion District


Saturday Morning in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. My sister and I had set up shop standing in the long and somewhat slow line outside Poppy + Rose. We also happened upon a farmers market where we got some pre breakfast snacks. As a frequent vistor this was an ~interesting~ area but I wouldn’t come back to this neighborhood again and wouldn’t recommend it to a vistor, sorry LA.


And here I thought I would only find Green Chorizo in Mexico City, this was my pre breakfast snack.


Poppy + Rose Interiors


Chocolate Almond Croissant (so good)


I had ordered the Fried Chicken + Waffle, a big mistake after having had Rosco’s for the first time a couple of nights before hand. It was fine but far from the best I have had of this dish.


Lumberjack Pancakae Breakfast


Huge flower markets in this area too! But get there early, they were closing up shop but 11am.




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