LA Weekend

The kind of amazing thing about LA is that I have visited a lot in the past couple of years but there is always something new to do. Bear with me as I decided not to bring my big camera so these are all iPhone pictures.


Friday Morning Work Station at Pedaler’s Fork in Calabasas.


Lunch break at Sugarfish (to go). I ordered the To-Go Trust Me, that plus the service charge this was a $45+ lunch. I would have to go again, hopefully in person, to evaluate if it’s worth it.


Polar Berry Club from Donut Friend at Smorgasburg


Mama Musubi


Stand Coffee


Amazebowls, there is an Instagram craze about this place but it is a pretty average acai bowl spot.


Baklava Croissant and Risky Biscuit from Gjusta (so much yum).




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