CDMX – Mexico City Master Post


Welcome to the final post and maybe the easiest, the Master Post. Here you can find the complete list of Mexico City posts along with my budget and maybe some extra tidbits.


Flight: $410 RT on Southwest, we flew in early Thursday and mid-afternoon Monday.

Stay: $422 TOTAL for 4 people. This is where we stayed – It was a super legit Airbnb experience. Creepy graveyard across the street – check, 24 hr Doorman service – check, LEGIT pozole half a block down – check, next to a metro line – check. It was a really good spot and would recommend it to people 100%.

Fun Funds: $251.27 (yes I did the actual math). This included airport food, food during the trip, souvenirs, museums, etc. For full transparency – my parents did pay for a lot of meals BUT street side pozole is $4 so I don’t feel too guilty.


Tip 1: Do take the metro at least once. It is cheap and great and not that crazy. If you are from a city with public transit than you know to keep track of you destination as well as the end of the line so you know which way you are supposed to be going.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to Uber. I always hear about taxis in foreign places being a nightmare (being gypped or not being able to say where you need to go). I was so surprised at how cheap getting an Uber was as long as you are around wifi. It’s easy since it picks you up where you are and takes you to where you want to be with minimal communication to the driver. Also so easy that you can pay through the app (swear this is not an ad) and don’t have to worry about tip.


Tip 3: One thing I never do enough is to let the city guide me, I need to learn to let go. So let yourself wander here, if you see something interesting in the distance then go. There is so much to explore and see so take the time to do so.

Tip 4: Eat street food.

Tip 5: This one is from my sister (insert side eye emoji, jk love her). Take off your jacket before getting on the metro, it’s hot.


Tip 6: My mom says you have to go to the Nacional Cinema (we stayed right next to it which is why I didn’t mention it in another post).

Tip 7: Just don’t go if you don’t like crowds, it’s big and HUGE, and there are lots of people…everywhere.

Tip 8: It’s almost too much to see in only 3+ days, stay longer if you can.


Find the complete list of posts here:





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