Pike Place Market – Seattle


The sun was against me everytime I tried to get the iconic (or stereotypical Seattle?) shot. Here is the first of my Seattle posts and we are starting with Pike Place Market. I had someone tell to skip coming here altogether since it is so touristy and I have to admit it wasn’t as impressive as I thought it was going to be. There were not as many food stalls as I had imagined and there were lots of knick knack stalls. However, Pike Place was an experience I wouldn’t miss. It kind of reminded me of a mix between Fishermans Wharf and the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I would go back.


The flower displays were gorgeous (sadly not pictured) and so so cheap like 5 bucks for a bouquet cheap.



Daily Dozen Doughnuts – I had read about this place everywhere when I was doing my research on Pike Place. We ordered a dozen and got to try every donut they offered, after one bite we regretted getting so many. It was so not good. We felt bad throwing them away so we held on to them for the rest of the day as emergency food for when we had no other options.


Storyville Coffee – After disappointing doughnuts, Storyville was a hidden gem. This section of Pike Place was under construction so not many people wandered to this Storyville location (there are several in Seattle).


For a Seattle-only chain, this breakfast sammie was super legit. The coffee was great and the food was great.


Plus the interiors were warm and relaxing.


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – SO WORTH THE HYPE. There was next to no line and everything came out steaming hot. I ordered Mac n Cheese (how could I not), Tomato Soup, and a Breadzel. My sister ordered a crab grilled cheese, she said it was good but not life changing.


I am a huge Starbucks fan, obsessive even. Since I live in the Bay Area I could like Blue Bottle or Philz but I stay true to Starbucks. So trust me when I say going to the “oldest” Starbucks isn’t worth it. The line is obnoxious and it is not the first Starbucks ever (it doesn’t even exist anymore). I bypassed the line and went in for a peek but didn’t order anything.




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