Classic 12 Hours in Seattle


This for those people who are either in Seattle for one day or want to get all the touristy stuff done first then move onto exploring the other neighborhoods. This tour is all walking (in the classic Ximena way of traveling) and it makes a loop so you start/end in downtown. To make this walk work you need to get going around 9 or 10am.

Stop 1: Breakfast at Pike Place Market. Find the perfect breakfast spot since you will head this way for lunch as well. You can find more about what I recommend and what to avoid here: Pike Place Market – Seattle.


Stop 2: Seattle Center. There is a lot to do and see here so you need to do some of your own research on what you and your travel buddies want to do most. My sister and I are afraid of heights so the Space Needle was a huge no for us. We had been planning on visiting the EMP museum but skipped that based on price. The Chihuly Museum blew my mind however, you can see my tour of this area here: Seattle Center Visuals. Spend 2-3 hours here.

Optional Stop 2.5: Olympic Sculpture Park. This had sounded really cool and might be for those who are sculpture nerds but to me 2-3 sculptures do not make a sculpture park. This was a hard pass for my sister and I. This stop does have kudos since the walk from here back to Pike Place was pretty cool.


Stop 3: Lunch. You are going to be hungry and if you aren’t….get hungry from walking around Pike Place Market. Like I mentioned during breakfast, you can read more about what we did for lunch in a previous blog post. My sister and I had totally forgot to visit the infamous Gum Wall but we weren’t bummed. It’s in this area if you are interested.


Stop 4: Seattle Great Wheel. Horrifying and awful but cool if you aren’t afraid of heights. The views are pretty cool and you can see the different islands on a clear day. But if you don’t like heights this is a bit hard to stomach.


Stop 5: Pioneer Square. This was a pretty cute area with a lot of little shops and art galleries. We didn’t stick around for too long. Here are some ideas of what to do: First Thursday Art Walk, visit Waterfall Garden Park (closed when we went), and the Seattle Underground Tour.


Stop 6: Seattle Public Library. Don’t you dare miss this. The library is 10 floors of books, architecture, and adventure (find the red hallway). Also, a good spot to charge your phone.


Stop 7: Coffee at Voxx. Ok so I love coffee but not as much as beer. You are going to need a late afternoon pick me up before dinner. Voxx was good but I couldn’t really tell you if it was ~unique~.

Stop 8: Dinner. I have some suggestions but I don’t have a review for you here. We were pretty pooped so we headed towards our AirBnb in Capitol Hill and hit up Dicks, a Seattle Classic. If you are staying in the downtown area you can try Pink Door, Frolik Kitchen & Cocktails, or Purple Cafe & Wine Bar.





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