Off the Beaten Path – Seattle


The situation – Me: Pre Greys Anatomy Binge, My Sister: Post Greys Anatomy Binge

When we (and by we I mean I) were planning the trip to Seattle, my sister had one request and it was to ride the ferries. When I asked where we should take the ferry to, she replied that it didn’t matter we just had to ride it…


Photos are a bit more sparse in this post so bear with me.

Stop 1: We started our day at the West Seattle Farmers Market (Sundays from 10am-2pm). Getting there was an adventure in itself, West Seattle is a funky peninsula and you actually cross a bridge to get there (we took the bus). Seems like this area doesn’t get a lot of tourists so it was cool to try and blend in with the locals. We had breakfast at the farmers market and ate a lot of free samples. Highly recommend.

Stop 2Bakery Nouveau, you will read about this spot in a lot of the Seattle guides and it is so worth the hype. It reminds me of Acme Bakery in the Bay Area with the delicious breads and pastries, as well as the cult following.

Optional Stop 2.5: Alki Beach, it was a bit out of our way but next time?


Stop 3: From the Farmers Market, we walked the couple of miles to the Water Taxi Harbor. If you are having a hard time finding it then type Marination Ma Kai into your google maps, it’s a restaurant right next to the tiny dock. I had really wanted to try it and it was on my list of things to do but we were stuffed from all the treats at the farmers market. For around $8, the water taxis will take you to the Seattle Ferry Terminal.


Stop 4: Since we were traveling on a Sunday (and got the timing off), we had an hour to kill before our ferry left. We left the terminal to grab a Storyville Coffee to refuel before the next adventure.


DT Seattle


Stop 5: Ferry to Bainbridge Island. The ride takes around 45-60 minutes one way. The ferry was cool but not that different than a ferry you would take anywhere else. I feel like you should take it for the views of the city or if you are a big Greys fan. As my sister would say “I don’t know how Derek’s hair stays perfect with all of this wind and water”.


Stop 6: Bainbridge Island, very gorgeous and I can see how this would be a great place to spend a summer day. This is an ideal stop for all you wine drinkers out there, they have some solid island breweries as well.


Stop 7: Harbour Public House, we ended up here because a girl in an Uber in San Francisco recommended it to me. It was fine but the wait and price were just not worth it.


Stop 8: The ferry back to Seattle was gorgeous, both the moody stormy sunset and the nighttime views of Seattle were amazing.




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