Capitol Hill – Seattle


I tried to formulate this into “A Day in Capitol Hill” but realistically these pics are snippets of different days all mashed into one post. We stayed in Capitol Hill area so it was easy to get around or grab something before heading to a different part of town. (Edit: I officially googled Capitol Hill and the area I was in borders Capitol Hill and Pine/Pike Corridor) In general, this area has a very cool, hip, young person vibe…so I obviously loved it. While I didn’t indulge in the party scene it is known for I still had a lot of fun. Also as a Californian living in the time of the drought, it was incredible to see so much green in every part of the city. This post compiles both the places I hit up and spots on my to do list for next time I visit Seattle.

Victrola Coffee Roasters – Remember when I said I am not a coffee connoisseur? This is a great example – My friend is like extreme coffee women, she knows all the spots, bean types, and has all the super fancy equipment at home. She highly recommended Victrola, but I was a bit meh about it. It is great if you are looking for a spot to dump your luggage and grab a coffee before a flight or to have laptop time. Hint – they give you a free coffee after you order an espresso drink.


My classic order, a soy latte.


General Porpoise Doughnuts – Sweet little babel cheeses (how I say Sweet Little Baby Jesus). I am not a filled doughnut person, like at all, so I was a bit disappointed when we arrived and I saw that all the donuts were filled. The immediate plus was that they had a full espresso bar so you have options. We ordered 3 donuts to share…I loved it and I think it will be the only filled pastry I will ever like.


Sunset Fried Chicken & Rachels Ginger Beer share the same space which makes for a very Instagramable, bougie, overpriced lunch. I am pretty sure we paid about 20 bucks each and debatable on if it was worth it.


We ordered a White Peach Ginger Beer and a Pink Guava Ginger Beer then I remembered I don’t like Ginger Beer. I am a total baby and am cool with like ginger ale which probs has like no actual ginger in it. My friend had raved about this place on Instagram and I get why but it wasn’t for me, my sister loved it.


I think I found out about Sunset from a Thrillist post, looking back I need to cross reference with Yelp in the future. What we ordered: The OG, Kale Salad, Hushpuppies.

What we enjoyed: The sammies. After having hushpuppies at Angeline’s, nothing really compares. Also, the salad was kinda lame. The space is gorgeous enough that it’s worth a visit but for a second visit I would try something new.


Le Art

Not pictured:

  • Capitol Cider – I let the name of this place deceive me, I was thinking of a brewery but with cider. It was much more of a sit-down restaurant with a medium sized selection of cider.
  • Elysian Brewing – Every beer was pretty good which is why I ended up drunk at the bar spilling my soul to my younger and more mature sister. She was like um lets leave. But we had a good experience overall, the bartenders were nice and had this like hot rocker vibes. Feelin’ it.
  • Old School Frozen Custard – I was drunk but drunk me thought it was leeeeegit.


Melrose Market – 4 stalls do not make a market, sorry. This was super underwhelming especially for our first day in Seattle. I read about it in some kewl blog and it really wasn’t. Even if this was like down the street from me I don’t think I would go often. Skip!


Views from Above


You have already seen my post on the amazing  Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, so go read it and make sure you visit.


Dicks is a Seattle classic but I am not about to go running back. The shake was thick and the burger single but the fries were lacking. I would say everyone needs to go once to say they did and it seems like it would be perfect drunk food if I lived in Seattle.

Places we missed/To Do list for my next visit:




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