I changed my mind about Sidecar…


I used to complain a lot about Sidecar Doughnuts, mostly to my family but also here. The flavors and texture just weren’t impressive to me, maybe because they had been sitting in a box for 24 hours before trying them. My sister took it personally so she forced me to return the next time I visited her (last Fall). In that experience, we ordered a hot fresh Butter & Salt doughnut. After one bite I turned around to get back in line and order another. Since then I have returned to Sidecar almost every time I visit LA.

To be honest, haven’t strayed far from the Butter & Salt in fear of being disappointed again. It is also super important to get them hot andfresh out of the fryer, even if it means waiting around for 10 minutes.

So if you have been avoiding Sidecar worried that it isn’t worth the hype, trust me and give them a try.




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