Mini Review – Bartavelle (aka my new spot in Berkeley)


Toast is so hot right now…seriously. I kinda love it but only when it’s worth the price, and I almost never get avocado toast since I can make it really well in my own kitchen. Bartavelle makes amazing toast in part thanks to Acme Bakery right next door. It is my new happy place in Berkeley. The lines and wait can be long, forcing you to relax a bit. After my coffee and toast, I grab a few treats for later from Acme. They also use heart coffee, a favorite roastery of mine in Portland.

Above is a seasonal toast with roasted squash and white bean spread with a hard boiled egg. Below is the la quercia speck (my new favorite one).

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.44.09 AM

Also do you like the Mini Reviews? I used to do them more often, you can find those here.



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