Bad and Bougie in La Condesa

The last night I spent in Mexico City included me running around, trying to hit up all the restaurants I hadn’t been to yet. I ordered small plates and some drinks from each spot. While Condesa is not the wealthiest spot in the city (head to Polanco for that), there are still plenty of bougie places to try out.

My first stop was Hotel Condesa DF, don’t laugh when I say I first heard about this spot from the Southwest in-flight magazine. While I didn’t stay in the hotel, I do think that it would be a dream to spend the weekend here. You are going to want to come here for the stunning interior decorating and oasis rooftop bar. From the rooftop bar I ordered a mojito and a spicy tuna roll, both were meh but the style makes up for the mediocre food.

Restaurant on the bottom floor

Why yes, that is a tray of tequila shots for guests in the front lobby.

Stop 2: Oh gosh, La Capital is the type of place I really wish I had a full meal at. I also wish I hadn’t saved them for the last night and I had been able to try them out multiple times.

These Tuna Tostadas look so simple but the fish was incredibly fresh and everything came together so well. I highly recommend it. The drink I ordered in the above photo was the Maria Felix and it is hands down the best blended cocktail I have ever had.

The whole experience at La Capital was so fun. The wait staff was very friendly and helpful, especially for a solo traveler. The gorgeous interiors helped as well.

Next I went to El Tizoncito, which you will hear about later in my ‘Disappointing Things About Mexico City’ post. Instead, I recommend going to La Botica or La Xampaneria.



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