Why Don’t People Visit Santa Maria La Ribera, CDMX?

Santa Maria La Ribera is North West of Centro and was an area I saw very few other travelers. It is filled with old mansions, small restaurants, and lovely people. Back in the day, the affluent built homes here to get out of the city but as time wore on it became swallowed by the expanding city. I really enjoyed the vibe of this area and it reminded me how unique each district is.

I like doing various types of research when planning a trip, so I originally learned about Santa Maria La Ribera from Tumblr. Someone had posted an amazing photo of Morisco Kiosk in Alameda Park(pictured above and below), and I was determined to go. The park was like small oasis complete with old people milling around, street food vendors, and a small musical performance. The thing that cracked me up was that under the kiosk you would find teenage couples making out.

So many locals milling around.

I love Pozole and nothing has been able to beat the bowl I had last year in Mexico City (CDMX – Street Food). I couldn’t bring myself to go all the way back to Xoco to go get it. Instead, I opted for La Casa de Tono. I had read about it in Mexico CIty: An Opinionated Guide for the Curious Traveler. They have multiple locations around the city so keep an eye out. I really enjoyed my meal there and the pozole was very good, it totally satisfied my craving. Also, the Modelo was so cheap, I ordered two.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos is probably on tons of those “10 Best Libraries in the World” type lists. It may not seem like a lot on the outside but the design on the inside is just incredible. It was my sanctuary in the middle of a rainstorm and gave me a moment to write some notes in my travel journal.

The whole place has such a sci-fi vibe. It is around 7 stories so if you are afraid of heights then walking among the stacks might make you feel a bit woozy. There are plenty of areas of sit and relax. Don’t forget to check out the balconies for views of the city.

If you are like me and really want to experience everything the city has to offer, walk down Av. Insurgentes Norte when people are getting off work. I followed the sweeping crowds of people all the way to my Airbnb in La Roma and felt pretty safe. Let me know if there are any other notable things to see in Santa Maria La Ribera!



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