The Best Free Tours in Mexico City

When I was traveling around Mexico City, I was solo and had just quit my full-time job with nothing lined up for when I returned. I was on a tight budget and Estacion Mexico Tours really helped me out. The tour really allowed for me to learn more about the city without going over budget, it also gave me a to-do list of places and museums I wanted to explore further after the tour. I liked that I could engage with other solo travelers and it didn’t hurt my wallet. I would like to note that while it is advertised as free, the tour guides are mostly UNAM students.  Most of the folks on my tour offered a 100 peso tip at the end but others didn’t have much cash to spare (I met a girl who had everything stolen and pretty much had nothing to offer, she felt super guilty for not being able to tip). It’s really up to you on if you want to tip after but I felt that it was a nice gesture for such an amazing experience. These types of tours could easily be $50.

I recommended these tours to my friend and she also loved it, we discovered that they do give slightly different tours depending on which guide you get. The City Center tour will garner a tour group of 10+ but in the Coyoacan tour will only have 2-3 people. They also offer paid tours if you are interested. Be sure to sign up on-line, you might be there on a busy weekend and you want to be sure to nab a spot.

I highly recommend you do these tours on your first day in Mexico City. It will give you a good idea on if you want to spend all day touring the rest of the Zocalo or if you should head to a new area.

Get to know the guides, they are locals and can suggest some amazing taco spots.

Zocalo Tour:


They showed me a lot of secret treasures that I totally walked past the first time around like the Palacio de Correos de México. Get this, it’s the post office. It’s gorgeous and stunning and you can not miss seeing it.


The tour guides also have really good knowledge on where to find secret Diego Rivera murals in public buildings.


I also liked that we stopped by places where we could grab a 30-second gordita or huarache.

Coyoacan Tour:

While I don’t remember most of the locations on this tour, I do know we learned a lot about the history of this calm suburb – the wealthy folks that lived here followed by the bohemian wave of artists. It might be one of my favorite parts of the city to simply get lost in, it feels so safe and calm.

Street Corner adorned with the Virgin de Guadalupe

Fuente de los Coyotes

Parroquia San Juan Bautista

If you have the time and are short on cash, I highly recommend these tours.



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