The Complete La Roma Guide

For my final Mexico City post, I wanted to wrap up with a guide to La Roma and have a hub for all my posts in that area. This includes both Roma Norte and Sur.

I stayed in La Roma for over 2 weeks and paid less than $300 to stay in a 5-bedroom Airbnb. It ran very similarly to a hostel, 5 bedrooms that were all rented out to travelers. I had a private room/shared bathroom and was located in a very safe neighboorhood with gated entry. The people I met while staying there varied from other solo travelers in their early 20’s to an anarchist couple from Portland in their late 60’s. I loved it and highly recommend staying in this area.

To start off I recommend reading some of my previous posts from La Roma. I went to a ton of restaurants in the area and tried to write about as many as possible:

Below you can find a few other spots that I loved in La Roma and haven’t been able to post about anywhere else:

Plaza Luis Cabrera – When you are in need of a great lunch spot, then look no further than the restaurants that line this plaza. Here you will find Cafe Toscano, Nonsolo, and Cabrera 7. It is a refreshing place to stop and slow down a bit from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also great for people watching.

Casa Quimera – Unfortunately, this food market is now closed. It was like a smaller version of Mercado Roma and right around the corner. I mainly stalked this place for the free Wifi but I did think it had potential. It was 100% instagrammable.

Av. Alvaro Obregon is a super popular and busy street in La Roma, you will find the best bars and restaurants here. I wrote a bit about this street when I was in Mexico City with my family, CDMX – Hip Night Out. The downside is that the street is wide, allowing for a ton of traffic and car noise. It’s not relaxing but still super fun.

El Péndulo – Pictured above, this famous bookstore/coffee shop is such a treat. I wish my sister was with me as she would have loved to spend hours here. This 4 story shop has a large English section for travelers and an amazing eatery at the top. They have several locations but this was by far the best. Be sure to stop in!

El Moro – On the same street, you can find the famous churrería. El Moro can be found all over the city but you might as well treat yourself every-time you spot one. I am a sucker for churros so I had to try out the mini ones. They were nice and moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside, I was so high on sugar that I was only able to eat half the cup.

If you want to get away from the craziness of Obregon, head to the much more chill Av. Colima a few blocks north. The streets are much more narrow and have much less traffic with lush trees lining the sidewalks. Surprising, there is still a ton to do and eat. I kept coming back to this block to enjoy a coffee or sneak a peek at the high-end restaurants hidden behind high walls.

I found Plaza Rio de Janeiro on accident and loved it. It was super quiet and had a mango stand in the corner for a delicious mid-day snack. All over Mexico City, you can find amazing hidden plazas where you can watch lovers, grandparents, and little children all enjoying the space together.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Mexico City!



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