Bouchon, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a lot of amazing dining options in a huge variety of cuisines, making it really hard to choose just one. During a family trip, we settled on trying out Bouchon, a Thomas Keller restaurant, mainly because it was conveniently located within our hotel, The Venetian. While I was pushing for the group to try Momofuku, this was a great option for a larger group with different flavor preferences. Read on to learn more about what we ordered!

Apologies for the pictures, in my defense, I was a full-on tipsy when taking these.


We started off with an order of Assiette de Charcuterie and olives, it was the perfect light start to a much heavier meal. I was happy with the portion as well since we were sharing between 5 people.


Drinks arrive and I discover that I am not a Martini person. I was trying to be ~tres chic~ and shadow what my aunt was ordering, I guess I will stick to my Old Fashioned for now.


As a second starter, I went for the Salade Lyonnaise. It was refreshing but the bacon made it feel a bit more decadent.


Now we start getting into the mains…I went with the Steak Frites which was absolutely heavenly. The steak melted in your mouth, I was in love. This was a pretty large dish so I ended up not eating many of the fries, but they were perfect for a late night snack sesh after the concert we went to.


My mom ordered the Truite Amandine, which looked a bit boring but was still quite nice.


Maybe the best thing that was had this night was the off-menu parmesan dumplings with shaved truffle. My aunt simply told the waiter to surprise her, he asked a few questions on allergies and flavor preferences. When he brought this dish out we all were super impressed by the amount of truffle. It stole the show and was the best dish on the table…it was also the most expensive item on the bill.

All in all, I was super excited to try out a Thomas Keller restaurant and thought it was a fun treat. I am not sure I would go rushing back the next time I am in Vegas, too many other places to try!




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