Portland Redux

I did a few Portland posts years ago, I was so in love with all it had to offer. I went twice in one year, I was so obsessed. When it came time to book flights back to Portland for a wedding, I was a bit nervous I had hyped it up too much to my boyfriend. Would he love it the same way I did? Would I still love it the same way I did?

Old Posts:



Since I was there for a wedding, I am smushing a 4-day trip into one post. There was a lot of friend/family time going on that didn’t need to be photographed for blog use.

I knew Portland was still the place for me when I returned to Brunchbox and was still obsessed with it. My boyfriend also loved it (huge win) and we ended up going twice on the trip. The texas toast is so buttery, and the folks working there are so nice. I highly recommend it!


We were lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous Porter Hotel near downtown. It was a bit pricey but had a very warm and cozy vibe.

We also tried out the food carts on the corner of SE 12th and SE Hawthorne, they had so many good looking options but I am so happy I went with Pyro Pizza(not pictured). Living in the Bay Area, where prices for everything is so high, I was impressed to get a high-quality pizza and salad for $16. I shared with the group because it was a lot more food than I was expecting! Anything on their menu will be delicious!


I am now an Afuri convert. This trip was a bit last minute so I didn’t do any research beforehand, when I stumbled upon Afuri while at Voodoo and double back the next day to try it out. Based in Japan, this is their first US location, mainly because of the access to high-quality water. It is safe to say that this is now the best ramen I have had in the United States. The broth was rich but not too salty or heavy, the noodles perfectly firm, the egg was the right level of soft boiled. Safe to say I was obsessed and trying to get my bf to come along for a second helping.


There were a few moments where I wandered off on my own, I was reminded of the fact that I love traveling with people but also going solo and having some alone time.


I finally had a chance to try out Voodoo donuts. Honestly, I am happy I waited until the 3rd go around to do so. These donuts are all hype, nothing special about them other than the over the top name and toppings (pictured is the Triple Penetration). I will say I was shocked to buy 3 donuts for around $7 but I won’t be going back anytime soon.


We were in town right in time for the blooming of the roses, so we planned a quick tour of the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. It is free to visit and absolutely stunning. I had no idea there was such a huge variety of roses, I couldn’t stop being in awe of all the different colors. Not going to lie, the man friend was less impressed but still enjoyed getting a bit out of the city. Next time, we are going to try visiting the Japanese Garden and doing a bit of a hike around the larger park.


One spot that has been on my list for ages and I was finally able to try out was Pine State Biscuits. We got here early on a Friday to beat the line, sure enough by 9am the restaurant was popping. The food was amazing and turned this gravy hating lady into a big fan. It was the right sized meal to really get the day started.

One of my favorite night time activities was visiting the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) for a Pink Floyd laser show. The groom loves the band but I think the rest of us went to experience it. I was blown away by both my lack of knowledge in the band’s discography and the pure visual entertainment. Tickets were $7 but I would have easily paid $20. A must for the next time we visit!




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