Why The Broad wasn’t worth it

Maybe I am a bit of a curmudgeon these days, but it seems like everything has got to be for the ‘gram. I hate the way the social media controls so much of our lives and I think the broad is a great representation of that. In this post, I am going to give a brief rundown on my experience at The Broad and why it just wasn’t worth the time.


The Broad is a free art museum in downtown Los Angeles, it has some amazing artists showcased there like Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Matisse, etc. There are 2 ways to get tickets, you can either nab one through the website at the start of each month (they sell out super fast) or you can stand in line the day of.


We weren’t lucky enough to get tickets online, so my sister and I arrived on a Saturday. The line was already wrapped around the block despite arriving 30 minutes before they opened. We started out optimistic but as the sun set in our moods began to sour and we watched the line get longer and longer. Two and a half hours later, we were in. At this point, I was really hoping it was all worth it.


We immediately beelined for the Infinity Room sign-up list and quickly found out that the wait was so long that they were no longer accepting any more reservations. Some folks were going to be waiting up to 4 hours to take that 2-minute selfie. I didn’t need the photo but I was shocked that some people were willing to wait that long. I am, however, a bit of a sadist and soon took enjoyment in watching people hear the news that they would not get their precious photo.


I love going to Art Museums and the artist variety at the Broad is impressive but the collection itself seems small. Depending on how long you want to muse over the art, you can be done in under an hour. I don’t think it was worth the wait and would much rather spend my time at LACMA.




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