A Weekend of Love


My very best and very lovely friend Megan got married earlier this winter and I just wanted to share a bit of that experience. This was the first wedding I have been in since my time as a flower girl, almost 20 years ago.

[Friday Night] We started the weekend with a party for the couple and I had all the siblings, bridesmaids, and groomsman over to my place. I highly recommend Pomp&Whimsey Gin with some champagne for a quick and delicious party cocktail.

[Saturday Morning] We started the morning with a bit hungover at the wedding rehearsal. The wedding was held at the gorgeous Brazilian Room at Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley. Not only is it lush and gorgeous but it is also so quiet you can hear the wind breezing through the trees. It made the wedding that much more private and romantic.


We needed a quick nosh after the rehearsal and stopped by Timeless Coffee. I normally don’t go to vegan cafes but have recently fallen in love with them. The coffee is good and hasn’t decided they are too cool for soy milk (coughbluebottlecough) which a huge win for me. I also really appreciate that their avocado toast is $4, super affordable and super delicious.


[Saturday Afternoon] The rehearsal lunch was at Luka’s Taproom and Lounge, I have never been there but they had a great private space and really good, classic food. Would def go again.

I was lucky enough to spend the rest of the afternoon with the Bride. We shuffled from one beauty appointment to the next, all in prep of the next day. I feel like I learned a lot from spending this day with her and am so excited for my own upcoming nuptials.


[Sunday Morning] We were so excited to be getting ready and dolled up at The Shattuck Hotel. It’s also central to a ton of shops in Downtown Berkeley for those emergency coffee/snack/hair tie runs. The lighting in the room was great for makeup and photography.


[Sunday Night] The wedding was beautiful, the drinks were delicious, and the food decadent. Not only was I honored to be in my dear friend’s wedding, but I was also asked to sign the Ketubah. You can learn more about this Jewish tradition here. According to her dad, “I didn’t realize you were so high up the friend food chain” which I can’t tell is a compliment or insult. Either way, I was so excited to be apart of the celebrations. I wish them the best of luck and all the happiness. I love love!



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