New York | Day 4/4


The final morning of our New York Bachelorette weekend we all woke up early to start packing. Due to various flight schedules and interests, we decided to go our separate ways for the final day.

I started the morning grabbing breakfast at Bluestone Lane Coffee with the Bride before her tattoo appointment. It just landed in the Bay but I hadn’t tried this newer boutique coffee chain. The nearest cafe to our hotel was located within the Church of the Heavenly Rest. It was really gorgeous and we would have liked to sit down for breakfast but took it to go to avoid the wait.

The coffee was really good and I have since returned to the SF location. I was also really impressed with the quality of the food considering the size of the cafe. The high quality will cost you a pretty penny, coffee and the Avocado smash toast set me back $22.

[Second Breakfast] I love long walks and building up a big appetite so that I can justify eating a lot more than usual. One of the signs that I am non stop when I travel is my pedometer. I was averaging about 3 miles of walking while traveling with the other ladies, when I was solo I walked about 9 miles per day.

I couldn’t help myself when stumbling upon Lauderee after a failed attempt to bike through Central Park. I need something to brighten up the morning and a strawberry croissant seemed like the answer, plus more coffee!

[Late Morning] Continuing on in my food adventure, I stopped at Times Square for a quick look around. I appreciated the hustle and bustle until I got annoyed 5 minutes later and moved on.


[Late Lunch] I really love all the Netflix Food Content, so it’s no surprise that I also wanted to visit Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop after seeing it appear on Chef’s Table. It was one of my favorite episodes behind the ones featuring Pujol and Gaggan. The show has never steered me wrong and I can happily say this ramen was great.

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen with an egg and added bokchoy. I normally order pork based ramen so this flavor profile was a bit different for me. I was happy to try something new that tasted so good. This base is super salty though so I do recommend adding some veg to cut through the salt. The egg was nothing special but not horrible either.

[Mid Afternoon] The Highline, a railway converted walkway, is only a 15 min walk from Ivan Ramen, so make the journey and check out the elevated view. The people watching, escape from the city feel, and public art makes it all worth it.

By Poet Warsan Shire: “give your daughters difficult names. give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. my name makes you want to tell me the truth. my name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right.”

While you are in the area, take the time to explore the area and do some fun shopping. I already ate a ton so it was hard to eat anything at Chelsea Market, there are so many incredible options I will try some stuff out next time. I also love the little shops you can visit in there!

[Early Dinner] A dear friend lived in New York for about 3 years and always raved about The Meatball Shop. I popped in at a weird hour and enjoyed the quiet vibes. The entire staff was super friendly and entertaining. I ordered the went for the “Just Meatballs”, it was the perfect afternoon snack before heading to the airport.


Headed to the airport for my next adventure! More posts to come!



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