New York | Day 3/4


Another day, another morning that started at 11am. The thing I loved about my friends Bachelorette weekend was staying in the same suite together. It reminded me of being in college again or in high school getting ready for a party. In the mornings, we snuggled up in the master bed and put on our makeup, compared our favorite products and drank mimosas.

By the time we headed off for some sustenance, we ended up on the Upper West Side. After putting our name in at Jacobs Pickles, we had an hour+ to kill before getting a table. We headed off to explore the neighborhood. We were all starved and our bride got super excited to spot Barney Greengrass. We headed inside to experience a New York Jewish Deli.

After spending $18 (internal cry) on a lox bagel, I attempted to take some ~kewl~ shots of my bagel. I felt like it was karma that I dropped half of it. It was a huge bummer but also the reality of trying to photograph everything, you sometimes ruin the live in the moment enjoyment of travel. The good news is that the bagel was delicious, so the price was worth it.


After watching Mind of a Chef several years ago, I started following the other shows David Chang made appearances on. When one of the newer seasons of Chef’s Table highlighted Christina Tosi, I instantly recognized her from her connection to Chang. I was so excited to go to Milk Bar in person and sample some of the goods.

My first order was the famous Cereal Milk soft serve with a cereal topping. It was good but not the be all end all of soft serve, def something different which I appreciated. The cookies on the other hand were really unique and tasted amazing. We shared some amongst the group and it was a great way to try a bunch of different flavors including the Corn (my fav), Confetti, Blueberry & Cream, Best Freaking, and Compost (second fav).

[Lunch?] By the time we sat down for our first real meal of the day it was 4pm at Jacobs Pickles. For the 1+ hour long wait, I was really not impressed. It was especially disappointing since a work friend recommended it. I think I ordered the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit but it was drowning in cheese. The biscuit was bland and boring. My friends ordered the pickles, and even those were just ok. I wouldn’t go back here, I might have ordered the wrong dish but no one walked away impressed.

Tea, shot of whiskey, lunch: $32.42


At this point it was around 6pm and the group was fading fast. We decided to wrap up our final night back at the hotel suite watching movies.



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